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Implementing VPAC Clinical ...

By adding ancillary services, a physician is able to increase revenue for the practice, provide more comprehensive services, and better diagnose and treat patients.


Easy Implementation

  • Sign up for the monthly usage for your clinical office.
  • VPAC Clinical will provide a login for your patients to enter into their smartphone or you can provide an iPad or computer.
  • Patient is given the information upon arrival to login.
  • Patient logs into VPAC Clinical completing the assessment.
  • Results are transmitted via secure link to your preferred system for clinician review.
  • Clinical reviews the assessment with patient incorporating the diagnostic information into the overall visit.


Billing for the service can take place in two different ways:

  • Either through making a routine visit more in-depth or through the specific codes 96100, 96101, 96103, G0442 or G0444.
  • Billing can be reimbursable through most insurance providers.


Check ahead of time with your private insurance providers for clarification.